AMC / Jeep Body Panels

Black Car can supply auto body panels for classic AMC's and Jeeps; from obsolete to more current patch panels or repair panels, and in some cases we can supply NOS replacement body panels for your classic. 

The following table is designed to help you quickly locate some of the body repair panels that we can supply.   If you would like more information on a panel that is listed, or would like a quote or to make a purchase,  please fill out the parts request form and we will contact you.   All panels are not listed, so if you don't see a panel on this list, ASK anyway!  Panels are not available for all models.

Front Fender Panels

Rear Fender Panels

Dogleg Panels

Rocker Panels

Item Number Description Year Make Model Photo
P893 Dogleg 1956-1959 AMC Rambler Photo
4484823 NOS Front Fender (left) 1967 AMC Ambassador & Marlin Photo
RFP-120 Rear Fender Panel 1962-1970 Jeep Wagoneer NA
DB9 Universal Door Bottom 1968-1970/1971-1974 AMC AMX/Javelin Photo
LFFP-67 Full Front Fender Skin 1971-1980 Jeep Wagoneer Photo
RFP-133 Rear Fender Panel 1972-1983 Jeep CJ Photo


AMC / Jeep Rocker Panels

Item Number Description Year Make Model Photo
RP-52AC Rocker Panel
1957-1962 AMC Ambassador & Rebel NA
RP-107C Rocker Panel
1962 AMC Rambler & Ambassador NA
RP-105C Rocker Panel
1963-1964 AMC Rambler American 2-door NA
RP-123CE Rocker Panel
1962-1979 Jeep Jeep - Cherokee - Wagoneer NA
RP-124C Rocker Panel
1962-1979 Jeep Jeep Truck NA