Dreamtime Garage

Dreamtime Garage


Model and Diecast Collectors Display Kit (1/18 scale)

If you collect diecast cars or build scale models you want to show off your collection... and what better way to do that than with your very own Dreamtime Garage?  With its sloped roof, clapboard siding, roof rafters, and internal wood wall beam structure, the Dreamtime Garage™ lets you showcase your collection in a fun and unique setting.

Let your imagination run wild and customize your garage any way you like.  It can be as clean or as dirty as you want it to be.  We will start you off with the basic, easy to assemble structure, and we even add a few wall accessories to boot.  The rest is up to you.  You can paint it any color you want.  You can add whatever vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors) you want.  You can even accessorize your garage.

Your Dreamtime Garage™ can become the display of your dreams - a racing garage for your race cars,  a bikers garage for your motorcycle collection, a shelter for your tractors; or...??   Set it up once and leave it, or change it whenever the mood hits.  We're sure you will have fun!

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